WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS CAMPUS introduces students to eye-opening writing from around the world and provides educators with the resources to incorporate international literature into their curricula.

WWB Campus offers original world literature in translation and contextual materials entirely free of charge to teachers and students. The content is designed for secondary schools through to university level and is appropriate for literature studies, ESL and  social studies, as well as courses in foreign languages and cultures. WWB Campus refinies and revises each country-based, thematic unit, based on the experiences of students and teachers who provide new ideas and feedback.

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Words Without Borders

Mzansi's Red Earth

Photo by Chris Scott

Photo by Chris Scott

This poem was written by South African poet Toni Stuart, as part of an activity during a Translators in Schools  workshop in February 2015. She wrote it as a "trans-inspiration" of Mar Português by Fernando Pessoa.

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Mzansi’s Red Earth

after Mar Português by Fernando Pessoa (trans-inspiration exercise)

O red soil, how much of your colour

is the blood of slain sons?

How much of your sand, is the bones

of our forgotten fathers, who died alone?

How many mothers, waited at empty coffins

for you, Mzansi, to be free?

Were their lives worth it? We do not know 

Our souls hang heavy in their silence

by Toni Stuart

(Translators in Schools, February 2015)

Translators in Schools graduates

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Mother Tongues Learning Resource

Mother Tongues Learning Resource – Developing creative writing with bilingual and multilingual pupils

Since 2009, Arvon’s (M)Other Tongues programme has worked with bilingual and multilingual young people from across England including speakers of Portuguese, Yoruba, Somali, Urdu, Mirpuri, Romani and of French-speaking African and Caribbean heritage.

This resource is for teachers, school staff, writers and anyone working with bilingual and multilingual young people. Whilst our programme focused on pupils aged 11 to 16, ideas and exercises could be adapted for higher Key Stage 2 and could equally be used with adult groups.

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