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London Wordscape Project

Multilingual creative writing courses


The London Wordscape Project was a series of five multilingual creative writing courses funded by the Gulbenkian Foundation. Originally inspired by Arvon's (M)Other Tongues programme, these course took place in both mainstream and supplementary schools aimed at multilingual students. Each course consisted of six workshops where students could employ English and the other languages they had knowledge of as they saw fit. This enabled students to engage with their full linguistic repertoire. The courses culminated in the production of a multilingual anthology of students' work, with copies presented to each participant at a launch event. Languages covered included Portuguese, Croatian, Mandarin Chinese as well as one course for beginners to English from a range of languages.

On the London Wordscape website you will find:

  1. Poetry in Chinese
  2. Short stories in Portuguese
  3. Bilingual English/Croatian creative writing

Organisations involved: