Capital L Languages Challenge

Multilingual cross-curricular competition for secondary schools

The Languages Challenge is run by Capital L Routes into Languages. It is a national competition where teams of students complete 6 creative activities using different languages. These range from recording and translating an oral story from another language to researching and presenting an athlete from another country in that athlete’s own language. These tasks bring in a range of skills, from film-making and poster design to interviewing and translating. The project promotes investment through its emphasis on student choice and creativity. Participants have a high level of autonomy, able to form their own teams, select which activities they will complete and decide for themselves which languages to use and what format to present each response in. The activities are not only varied but also open-ended enough to allow participants to customise their responses, drawing on their own particular interests. 

On the Capital L Languages Challenge page you will find:

  1. Key details of the competition
  2. An information sheet for teachers
  3. A form to register for the competition

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